French Guiana…. No one will believe you

The adventure begins at the age of 15, at this moment I do not know yet but Guyana will be my biggest blow of heart, a destiny that will change me forever. At the end of the second year, in a few months it is the holidays that await me, it is at that moment that I hear that two young people having their baccalaureate leave to study in Guyana. At the time I do not know where it is, I do not know what is in it, but a small voice tells me that this “country” is grand.

Here we are in 2013, today I’m the one who passes the Bac. I must choose my wishes for next year, the idea of ​​Guyana that had remained in a corner of my head reappears, as evidence. So here I am to choose as first wish a BTS Management and Protection of Nature in this distant region.

Bac revision week, one of the most decisive weeks in a student’s life, the nose in my classes, the tests are imminent. Noises run in the corridors of the lycee, our wishes have fallen, everyone hasten to go see them … It is with immeasurable joy that I discover the news, Guyana and more precisely the BTS of Matiti m ‘ opens its doors, it is here that the adventure starts …!

26 August 2016, I leave Europe for the first time to set foot in South America, the flight over the forest by plane is already a dream, a fantasy that is realized !!
Here I am in the savanna of Matiti for two years. The first week was a week of integration in the forest on the side of St Laurent. Passing my first night in a hammock, it is at this moment that I understand that this BTS and this adventure would be far from mundane.

The days range from surprise to surprise, everything that one can dream of as a budding naturalist and passionate about frogs is realized, here everything is bigger, everything is crazier, my vision of the world changes.

We hear a lot of things about this department but what is the truth of the fake ?! Because of the weather report, we can think that Guyana is a small island in the Caribbean, and no, Guyana is a huge department! It is exactly the size of Austria or even of the Arab Emirates which, one can say, is not negligible!

Wooded to 98%, let’s be clear, there, the forest is queen, but for all that the city is well present. Do not expect to walk through the streets of Paris, but that is not why you will encounter spooky snakes on every corner of the street. Almost all of Guyanese life is located on the coast, between the borders of Brazil and Suriname, there is something to visit!

Difficult to count in detail his two years in Guyana, I can only tell you that these two years were rich in encounter, in discovery, everything is surprising. The fauna, the flora, the atmosphere, the life is what gives so much charm to Guyana. From the immense savannah of Kourou to the swamps of Kaw, passing by an exceptional primary forest, a life would not suffice to go around this magnificent place … A huge thank you to all the people that I crossed on the spot and who have made my stay there an unforgettable adventure!

But let’s be clear, Guyana does not tell, it lives. (but good I leave you still a few images to make you want to go there)